Bill Gallagher

Chief Executive Officer of Offen Petroleum

“Shortly after we recapitalization with our equity sponsor, we had an opportunity to acquire a business and double our size. Despite good teams in both companies, neither organization had acquisition integration experience. Fortunately for us, our deal team introduced us to John Lanier at Middle Market Methods. We were coached by someone who quickly connected with our team.  Middle Market Methods’ toolbox and project management expertise helped us turn acquisition integration into a core competency.”

Robert A. Martin

Managing Partner of Excellere Partners, LLC

"Excellere Partners has a long history with John Lanier and Middle Market Methods. Our goal with all of our portfolio companies is to significantly improve all operational functions in order to facilitate accelerated growth. With each new portfolio investment come different challenges. Excellere has utilized John’s tremendous skills for strategic planning, organizational design and process improvement for post-closing initiatives utilizing Middle Market Methods’ value creation roadmap that prioritizes these growth and efficiency initiatives. John has been a great asset for Excellere, and has assisted our management teams to more effectively execute on their strategic growth plan, and to produce extraordinary outcomes. As a validation of John’s success, many of our portfolio companies have used John for multiple projects."

David Belluck

General Partner of Riverside Partners, LLC

“We discovered Middle Market Methods through a co-investor familiar with their work. Specifically, John Lanier has supported numerous Riverside portfolio companies, as well as our firm, across a variety of deliverables, including acquisition integration, strategic planning, leadership development, and process improvement. Beyond his technical versatility, we and our portfolio company executives trust his judgment and discretion.”

Todd E. Siegel

Retired CEO of MTS Medication Technologies, Inc.

“The private equity sponsor who helped us take our company private introduced John Lanier as a resource option. Although John was part of a select group of high-value resources vetted by our partner, he still had to sell himself. Our team started with Middle Market Methods’ Value Creation Roadmap, which is tantamount to strategic planning. The result was a clear set of prioritized initiatives for executing the investment thesis. Upon realizing that we needed supplemental resources to expedite execution, we asked John to provide project management support. He rolled up his sleeves and dove in—for several months. John earned our respect and confidence due to his broad range of expertise and incredible energy. It was like getting three consultants for the price of one. His efforts were an integral element of a successful plan which increased our efficiencies and lead to over a 20% increase in our EBITDA in just one year. I highly recommend Middle Market Methods for virtually any business requirement."

Richard B. Crawford

CEO of Integrated Global Services, Inc.

“Bringing John Lanier in to facilitate our first full strategic planning session under private equity ownership has been a key reason for our success. John brings to bear a wealth of knowledge and experience to companies like ours to help them reach their potential by optimizing their strategic focus and organizational design. As we implemented the plan, we knew we could lean on John for coaching and receive feedback the same as if he were in our shoes.”

Ted Kramm

CEO of AxelaCare Health Solutions

“Thank you very much to John Lanier and Middle Market Methods for all the work in helping us streamline our operations and with the project planning related to our patient outcomes application. While John had no experience in the home infusion industry before coming to AxelaCare it did not take him long to gain a thorough understanding not just of our operations but of our corporate culture. The ideas John presented along with processes flow mapping helped us transform what we believe was a good business into a great business. John’s insight and advice not only improved our company but he also made us better leaders. I cannot thank him enough for his mentorship and would highly recommend his services to other entrepreneurial companies.”

Stanley B. Blaylock

President and CEO of Physicians Immediate Care, LLC

“I have seen John in action several times from the perspective of a Board member and his ability to help drive results through a disciplined approach to value creation. Consequently, I knew he could help my team as he is able to focus intensely busy people on what matters and why it matters--with humor, empathy, and a clear ability to see the Company's vision through their perspective."

Michael D.D. Geldart

Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Business Development for CardioNet, Inc.

“I have worked with John Lanier in four different venues. Consequently, I may have a more holistic perspective on how he adjusts his tools and style to the project and the corporate culture. The engagements spanned process improvement, strategic planning, and team building. The odds are high that our paths will converge again. I know what he does and am happy with how he does it."