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Middle Market Methods™ provides four categories of deliverables.


Post-Close Value-Creation Planning

Proximal to closure of the private equity investment in a new portfolio company, Middle Market Methods™ engages the leadership team with its Value Creation Roadmap™ to operationalize the investment thesis. The model reflects experiences with over 145 private equity portfolio companies.


Scalable organizational design is imperative.  Empowered, motivated, and fulfilled professionals are an essential variable in the equation.  Culture and its complex manifestations are the single biggest leadership challenge.  Middle Market Methods™ draws upon a trove of scenario experiences to tailor a cultural solution that enhances the potency of growth and productivity.



Businesses should accomplish economies of scope and scale as they grow.  However, absent a rigor for designing scalability, the opposite may happen.  The first step is process improvement.  The second step is technology enablement.  Getting these two steps backwards means making deficient processes more efficient instead of scalable processes more productive.  Middle Market Methods™ approaches this chronic growth challenge with credentialed expertise and resources.


Growth encompasses two primary subsets: organic and acquisitive.  Only one in 10 sales professionals is trained in a sales technique—not to be confused with product training—for identifying unmet customer needs.  Failure to master this necessity commoditizes products via margin deterioration.  Additionally, acquisition integration experience is scarce, thus reducing the likelihood that the acquisition will produce the desired results.  Middle Market Methods™ approaches both needs with tools and benchmarks affording portfolio companies a reliable mentor.