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value creation at sponsor speed!

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What We Do

A delighted client rebranded us "resultants" in contrast to consultants. This experience speaks to the passion of our purpose. We enjoy supporting entrepreneurs in pursuit of their dreams.

Middle Market Methods™ is a "resulting" firm catering exclusively to the job generating heroes in the private sector. We feature a Value Creation Roadmap™ of best practices focusing on the chronic entrepreneurial challenges of growth and efficiency.

The Value Creation Roadmap™ is rooted in over three decades of entrepreneurism, the most recent third of which regards portfolio companies of middle market private equity firms. Private equity investment backs one out of each 20 private sector jobs.

Most of us spend more conscious hours working than with our families. Since our efforts are for the benefit of our families, we should have fun being successful. Entrepreneurs trust us because we "get it."



Certifications and Achievements

  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  • Change Management Instructor
  • Action Workout Instructor
  • Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society in Business, Management, and Administration
  • 2012 Excellere Partners Project Expert of the Year




Our Principles



  • Value-creation at private equity velocity.


  • Leadership through continuous, accretive differentiation.


  • With thanks to Will Rogers, we enumerate only two:
    • That our pet parrot in the hands of the town gossip poses no risk to our character.
    • Should that standard ever fail, we promptly own it and make amends.



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